Genealogy Research

GenealogyPhotoStack-01Genealogy research services use a multitude of sources including internet based information as well as information not available through the internet. TurtleTrove uses Ancestry.com to share the family tree research with the client and their family members. The family tree can be private (only those with permission to view can see the tree information and attached documents) or public (anyone can see non-living people’s information). Documents found through other research routes will be posted to the Ancestry.com family tree. This can include photographs, military records, wills, land records, etc.

Ancestry.com provides a free family tree and it’s the ability to see certain documents that requires membership. TurtleTrove clients are not required to have an Ancestry.com membership; this is optional. TurtleTrove has the world membership and ability to view all documents in Ancestry.com. Additionally, we have membership to Fold3.com, which contains many US military records. We will add more pay services as needed.

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