Current Research:

I currently have my application in for the Mayflower Society under Richard Warren.  Current research indicates direct descent from Richard Warren*, Francis Cooke*, John Cooke#, John Howland*, John Tilley*, Joan (Hurst) Tilley, and Elizabeth Tilley#.  (* means signer of the Mayflower Compact and # means a child on the Mayflower).  Interestingly, I'm working on my husband's Mayflower application and it turns out we're cousins...15 times removed!


Genealogy Reports (click for recent report):

James Wilson II (1900-1943)
Surname list: Parmenter, Wodtli, Moonlight, Brown, Spear, Patterson, Mill, Scott, Hofer, Van Niedewil, Hynziker, and Simpson 

Leona Hester Parmenter (1900-1970) (Note this is a long list and I've only reviewed the content to about 1640)

Surname list: Adams, Alcock, Alrich, Ausve, Bagley, Bailey, Beard, Blevins, Browing, Byrd, Carre, Cass, Chapman, Cheney, Chickering, Chinindere, Colby, Coles, Conrad, Cornwall, Daveye, Dean, Dillen, Dillorne, Ditmar, Ditmars, Downing, Dudley, Eames, Elliott, Fifield, Forster, Foster, French, Frohock, Fuller, Fylbrigg, Garrad, Gleason, Green, Haddon, Hall, Heath, Henchman, Holman, Hooker, Howe, Howes, Jackson, Jane, Johnson, Judy, Key, King, Kirton, Knopp, Lawrence, Lawson, Leake, Lyon, Marche, Marsh, Martin, McCall, McDaniel, McDowell, McGee, McHargue, Millsap, Millsaps, Moe, Morse, Moss, Nash, Newell, Northend, O’Neil, Offley, Ord, Owens, Page, Paine, Parmenter, Parratt, Partlow, Payne, Pepper, Perkins, Philbrick, Popham, Poplin, Redding, Rogers, Rolfe, Rowell, Russell, Sadler, Sanders, Saunders, Savage, Seaver, Stone, Swift, Syckerling, Thomas, Throckmorton, Veteto, Walker, Weed, Wilson, Wise, Wood

Currently proven patriot ancestors:

DARWilliam Parmenter - Served as a solider in Massachusetts. He lived in Sudbury, MA his whole life.

Thomas Parmenter - Served as a private in Massachusetts. He was from the Sudbury, MA area and later moved to Pittsfield, VT.

Obededom Sanders - Served as a private in New Hampshire.  He later moved to New York. 

Silas Swift (in process) - Served as a private in Massachusetts. Silas is a know descendant of the Mayflower Society as is his wife, Deborah Tobey.

William Millsaps (in research) - Rowan Count, North Carolina. Served in the militia and as a guard at the Salisbury Gaol.  He served with his father-in-law, Arthur O'Neil in the Salisbury Gaol. 

Arthur O'Neil (in research) - Served in the Salisbury Gaol with son-in-law William Millsaps. Daughter is Nancy Ann O'Neil.


US Daughters of 1812

Rueben Millsap. Served as Sargeant in the First Regiment of West Tennessee Militia, which was under the command of General Jackson in the Louisiana Territory.


Associated Daughters of Early American Witches

Ann (Alcock) Foster through her daughter Hannah (Foster) Stone, who was murdered by her husband Hugh Stone in a drunken rage over a property sale disagreement.  Ann was an 72 year old widow when she was accused of making another woman in town, Elizabeth Ballard, ill with fevers the doctors could not break.  Her accusers brought Ann Putnam and Mary Walcott from Salem who "confirmed" that Ann was a witch and causing the affliction.  Despite her age and frailty, Ann resisted the torture while being "put to the question" for many days until her daughter and granddaughter, Mary Lacey and Mary Lacey, Jr, were also accused.  At that point she accepted all blame onto herself and saved her family.  Ann died 21 weeks after being jailed and shortly before the witch trials were discredited.


Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers

Hariett Elizabeth (Millsap) Lawrence immigrated on the Oregon Trail with her children and step-children in 1852.


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